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Glossary of basic sales terms

I should have probably written this first, but better late than never. I have received a lot of feedback, and most people have said that a glossary of sales terms should be included – so here it is! The response to the blog has been overwhelming, please continue sharing and giving in your inputs – Thanks for your encouragement! Primary Sales:   These are sales from the company to the distributor Secondary Sales: These are sales from the distributor to the retailer. Usually, targets are always based on secondary sales Offtakes: These are sales from the retailer to the customer. While offtakes are not tracked by the company, trends of offtakes are tracked by Nielsen, which is a market research agency. Nielsen provides cumulative data of offtakes to brand managers in terms of market share. The accuracy of this is debatable as Nielsen takes only a subset of the number of traditional trade stores (which is then extrapolated) and does not track some modern trade chains – ho