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Working with Numbers - Part 2

Part 2 of Anupriya's 3 part series! As always, t hanks a lot :) For Par t 1 click here . ---  My first post covered the various sources of data that we have access to or use as marketers. Now I will dig deeper into 2 sources - Internal Numbers & Nielsen and most importantly how to tie them together. As discussed earlier on also, internal numbers are the only reality of our lives. We need to live with them and all marketing activities at the end of the day need to culminate into better sales growth.  For simplicity sake for this entire piece we will assume Primary Sales = Secondary Sales  Some Key Points to remember while looking at internal numbers: Actual numbers are important but most important metric to look at is growths. What is most important is to chase a growth objective and chase it hard While looking at growths always delink the volume growth and value growth – for e.g. if you took a price increase by 10% and your sales growth is only 1