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I'm Kaushik Subramanian, and I'm a marketer turned consultant who derives immense pleasure out of sharing what I know. I possess an MBA from INSEAD, a Master's from MICA, and have worked in various roles in sales and marketing at L'Oreal in Asia. Currently I am a consultant who advises companies on marketing and sales topics, and I live in London.

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This Blog:

This blog was started in 2011 when I was working in sales in a rural India, in a place called Siliguri. I realized that sales isn't actually taught in any school, and hence started this blog to share my knowledge on the topic.

Over the years, it has ramped up over 200k hits, and a few contributors. I now plan to expand this to include marketing, strategy and general life advice.


Anupriya  Singhal: 
Currently Marketing Manager, Equity for Dettol & Lysol in Asia, Africa & LATAM. She has been a FMCG marketer for over 11 years and has done the whole shabang in FMCG from sales to strategy. As passionate about teaching marketing as she is about building brands. As she sums it up - she is a wanderer by compulsion and a marketer by choice

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