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Media 101: Biggest Marketing Spend Demystified

So we are back after almost 4 years. Kaushik & I have been thinking of reviving this platform for a while now but then life & work and the founder’s ambition of doing his 2 nd MBA from the big 5 got in the way of it. But now we are back and hopefully will be more regular with this. Well done Kaushik for chasing & living your dreams and here’s to many more milestones you shall achieve. At the onset let me tell you, this piece will make sense to someone who has been in the marketing function for at least 4-6 months. Otherwise, it will just be one of those marketing book things one reads in college or post work which has little application. My aim in this discourse is to simplify Media for first time marketers. There is of course a lot more to media than what I will cover. For Harry Potter fans, media planning is much like brewing a potion. You can put in the right ingredients and follow all instructions but there is a little magic in media which comes only to the inspi