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Working with Numbers - Part 1

So Anupriya has been kind enough to write again, this time a 3 part series! Its quite intimidating for freshers like me to get into a brand management environment and manage an entire array of numbers stemming from different sources - which ones do you use for what? It gets quite overwhelming, so here's the first part of "Working with numbers". --- I am almost a regular on this blog now – though the initiators of this blog call me the guest writer!!! Well this post is a continuation of my last post – A Day in the life of an ABM . As I said for a marketer  more than 50% of his working life goes into numbers and making sense of them – even if at times there is little to make sense of. And trust me there are a lot of numbers floating around – to be able to pick up the right ones is almost like fighting a new battle every day. To my mind – “A beautiful mind” portrays this very beautifully – how Nash picks up words and numbers when he is out of his mind – well num