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Working With Numbers - Part 4

This is the final part of the series. Please read the earlier parts before going through this post or it won't make sense. Links below: Working with Numbers - Part 1 Working with Numbers - Part 2 Working with Numbers - Part 3 Working with Numbers – Part 4 So till now we have covered 3 major sources of information – internal numbers, Nielsen & HHP. We have also covered how to tie in the internal numbers to Nielsen and how to use both of them in tandem to arrive at a richer, deeper and more insightful analysis. This post shall cover how to marry all 3 sources together and to work towards aligning marketing strategies and actions to grow everywhere. As with everything else in life – this post shall work on the following assumptions: ·         Market Share is a marketers pride – ultimately you are doing everything to make consumers buy “more” of you in comparison to other brands ·         Irrespective of what market share you have, the company wants turn

Working with Numbers - Part 3

So my apologies for being so inactive, Anupriya had sent me this post a few weeks back, and owing to work pressures and other such things in my life, I was unable to update the blog - although planning a revamp and lots more interesting stuff next quarter, so keep visiting the blog! As always, thanks Anupriya - star you are! Very kind of you to take time out and write :) Also, just crossed 10,000 hits! Thanks for your support people! Working with Numbers – Part 3  In the 2 previous parts we have covered the basic sources of data that we have access to or use as marketers and a deep dive into 2 very important ones – internal numbers and ACN. In this part we will try and understand Household Panel (hereafter referred to as panel) and then try and put the 3 sources together i.e. internal numbers, ACN and HHP Panel is your one stop shop to understand what your consumers are doing. What is their purchase behavior? Understanding of Panel makes you understand the consumer n