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Making Ads Part 2 - nailing the brief is the job half done

Here we are, in the middle of February and the year already seems to be slipping by. I thought its only been a few weeks since I wrote the last post, but then realized that the few weeks was actually last year and almost 2 months have gone by. So here I am writing the next part of the "Making Ads" saga. I am sure all of us have heard & maybe also used the age old saying "an ad is only as good as the brief" and even if it makes the creative people sometime wince; its actually true. The essence and the magic of a creative truly is in the brief. And hence, the next obvious question is what's in a brief.  Before I actually say what's in a brief or rather how to go about writing a brief; I think it’s important to call out what's not in a brief and what should not be in a brief. Firstly, your vision of what the ad should look like should not be in a brief because you are not the creative team and even if you can be one; it does not help anyone if